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Elektronika MK-87 emulator

Files to download

Program version 06, updated 2021/12/21 - Delphi sources - compiled executable

Usage: extract the files into an empty directory, then run the program mk87.exe

The screenshots

Screenshot of the MK-87 emulator

The debug window of the MK-87 emulator

Usage hints

Integrated debugger

Disassembly box

Binary Editor box

Registers box

Program execution control

The mk87.ini file

Some parameters of the emulator can be customised by editing the mk87.ini file with any text editor.
Description of the contents of this file:

This setting controls the emulated CPU execution speed (number of instructions executed every 10ms).
This setting defines the physical size of emulated RAM. It is meaningless for the current firmware version which assumes a fixed size of 2kB, even if the hardware supports up to 48kB.
After any change, the file ram.bin needs to be deleted (to avoid the warning message about reading past the EOF).
This setting selects the watch display mode:
0 - hours, minutes, seconds
1 - hours, minutes, day of the month
2 - calendar mode: day, month, year
Any other value disables the watch.
This setting changes the base of the numeral system used by the debugger (16 for the hexadecimal system, 8 for the octal system).


To uninstall the emulator, simply delete the directory where it was installed. The program doesn't modify anything outside its installation directory.