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Elektronika MK-85


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First and last BASIC pocket computer from USSR. Design and BASIC dialect was copied from Casio FX-700P. Developed by Zelenograd's Research Institute of Fine Technology (NIITT).
  • Processor: T36VM1-2 (KA1013VM1) - PDP-11 compatible 16-bit; 400kHz/2MHz*
  • RAM: T36RU1-2 (KA1013RU1); 2KB (1x) in MK-85, 6KB (3x) in MK-85M
  • ROM: T36RE1-2 (KA1013RE1-2); 32KB (flashed twice, used only lower or (if lower broken) upper 16KB)
  • Display: LCD, 12 matrix digits (5x7), indicators EXT, S, F, RUN, WRT, DEG, RAD, GRA, TR, four 7-segment digits; Controller - T36VG1-2 (KA1013VG2)
  • Power: 6V (4x1.5V) SC 0,18 silver oxide batteries (SR44 silver oxide or AG13/LR44 alkaline analogs); 5.5V power supply Elektronika D2-10K or D2-37V
* - In the "turbo" mode

MK85 img1
MK85 img2
MK85 img3

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