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Welcome to Elektronika MK

Under Construction


Elektronika MK-85
Elektronika MK-51

Exclusive!!! Reconstruction of Piotr Piątek's site
with info about soviet devices!

Piotr Piątek

English | Polish
Archive (ZIP, 89.8 MiB)

List of wanted files:
  • Pages mk85mc2e.htm and mk85mc2p.htm (step-by-step instructions for entering programs), added 2021/11/25.
  • stmk85.zip with fix for square root calculation (2021/12/08). A corrected arithm.c was found and replaced in the archive. However, the original 2021 archive is welcome.
  • Actual dvkbasic.zip, mk90ro10.zip, mk90ro20.zip (algorithms of arithmetic procedures) from 2021/09/29.
  • Original screenshot (mk87emu2.png) of the MK-87 emulator debugger.
  • Original charset (mk87chrs.png) from MK-87.

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