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Elektronika MK-90 cartridge reader/programmer

The MK-90 cartridge can be read and written with a simple circuit connected to the parallel port. The required +5V supply can be drawn from the keyboard, PS2 mouse, or USB port.

For a similar device controlled through the USB port please refer to the SMPReaderUSB designed by Ilya Danilov.

Circuit diagram

circuit diagram of the MK-90 cartridge programmer

Any general purpose small signal npn transistors can be used, for example 2N3904, BC547.

Photograph of the MK-90 cartridge programmer


The control software is as simple as the circuit. - file size: 18kB, source and executable


The program won't run under Windows 2000, NT, XP, because these systems don't allow direct hardware access from user programs.


Insert the cartridge, apply +5V then run one of these programs:

Linux version